- My Forever Home -


20-year-old Dani arrived on November 9, 2018. This girl LOVES to talk - or maybe she is scolding me? She has the most unique personality and loves people. She is for sure the alpha in the pasture. I really got startled the first few nights she was here. When I would look outside at night and see this oval white shape moving around - then I realized it was her pure white face!


The 47-year-old fluffy white polar bear! Yes, you read that right. I learned Kojak's history from a friend that knew him 27 years ago and he was 20 years old at the time. He shows no signs of his age though and is quite the spry boy. He is a very hardy. Kojak arrived October 16, 2016



Kalli (affectionately called Kalli Marie) arrived July 2016 approx age of 16 yo. She comes to Misfit Acres originally from Ryan's Rescue Pen, then to a private owner, then to Misfit Acres. She does have high ringbone making her unable to be used as a riding horse. She is a very high-spirited thing that loves to show you her mar-ish side. As well as let you know she knows she is pretty.


Champ is everyone's dream gentleman. This guys has it all! He arrived at Misfit Acres on December 14, 2014 at age 24 years. Champ was a former driving horse but since the loss of his driving partner, Misty, he has been retired from driving. Champ is a favorite of most of the folks that visit with his kind eye and soft personality.

Little Boy

Little Boy is a true little stinker! He has mischief on his mind a great deal of the time. Several years ago, he took a tumble while galloping downhill and injured his shoulder which never did fully recover. When he first arrived, October 6, 2006. You would have sworn he still a stallion the way he chased the mares around. Not the case though.





Faith - aka Nuffy - come to Misfit Acres from a now-closed horse rescue. She has a slight deformity in on front leg making her limp a bit from time to time. Faith moved in at age 5 years old. She has the most unique markings and steals your heart the way she will stretch her head and neck out to touch your hand.




Magic is a long-term resident here. He arrived from a rescue in SD that could not find a home for him with his failing eyesight. Two things quickly learned from him -he does not like the farrier and he does not like his tail brushed. Magic is pastured with Augie and depends on him to guide him around. Magic arrived at age 17.



Meet Augie-Dogie. This gorgeous boy was born April 9, 1997. Augie has a sense of humor - but some days I wish he did not. He likes to hide in the shelter as Magic hollers for him. He is also good at stealing feed pans. Years ago, Augie developed a bacterial infection. It is believed from all the strong medications, he has developed very poor hooves and bouts of laminitis.