Meet the Horses...



Misfit Acres welcomes Ms Kalli.  Not much is known about this lovely paint girl prior to her July 16, 2017 arrival.  She is roughly 12 - 15 years old and appears to have high ringbone in her rear leg....more>>>

Champ is a true champ! He arrived on December 14, 2013 and was a former riding and driving horse. We chose him to be Cooper’s new roommate and Champ is telling Cooper how it is going to be and who will...more>>>
little boy Little Boy
And onto the rescue  on October 10, 2009, comes Little Boy!! Little Boy was 5 years old on arrival.  He is really as big around as he is tall....more>>>
Everyone needs a little Faith, don’t they? Faith arrived on July 20, 2008 at 6 years old.  She transferred in from a rescue which was forced to close due to funding issues  ...more>>>
May 29, 2007, Mr. Majestic (Magic) rolled in from South Dakota.  Magic is a 12 year old gelding with some site problems...more>>>
Augie Doggy was born on April 9, 1997.  Rescues do not breed but before we became an official rescue/sanctuary, we did want to raise one little horse....more>>>