- About Us -

August 21, 1994, I am petting my first horse. She is 8 years old, has a satiny coat, the most beautiful eyes, and she is mine. She was no longer wanted and wound up in the “Kill Pen”. She was purchased from the kill pen to be a child’s riding horse but she was not a child’s horse. In a matter of minutes, she will be named Lucky and she will come home with me. Lucky became the official mascot of Misfit Acres teaching me many things! After 22 years of being my friend, Lucky crossed to the Rainbow Bridge on October 15, 2015 

Located six miles south of Good Thunder, Misfit Acres Inc is a safe haven for homeless horses. When I learned about the live slaughter industry via Lucky’s life, I chose to get actively involved in equine welfare.  My love of horses combined with the research I had done regarding equine welfare led me to start my own equine sanctuary applying for incorporation status in February of 2004.  As of March 18, I have been granted federal tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service allowing me to issue receipts to anyone donating to our horses. 

Horses that arrive at Misfit Acres will live out their remaining years here.  I believe they enjoy being here as much as I enjoy having them.  They seem to know that they are the “stars” here and most of the cars that drive in are visitors for them.