In Memory & Honorees...

Each of us has lost someone special in our lives - be it a special person or a special "furbaby" friend.  This page is dedicated to all those who are missed.

When our kids were little and had a hard time coping with a loss, we used to explain to them that this was very good - we should never forget those we love. Here you can share those special feelings about  those who are gone from our lives. For a free-will donation to the horses of Misfit Acres, we will post your own tribute on this page. 

A new addition to this page is the "in honor of" portion . This is for your special persons in your life you may want to bring special attention to.

In Honor...

- Michelle B. Dedicated to Lorrie Ciszak

- Donna B. Dedicated to Lorrie Jean Ciszak

- In honor of Joel Forney as he struggles with cancer.

- To horses all over the world - Jennifer & Doug D.

- In honor of our black Lab, Harvey - Becky S.

- In honor of Blythe Hoffman by Diane O.

- In honor of Pat Moran and Sal Flanagan - Al & Mary Ann M.

- In honor of Barbaro.  Also in honor of all the kind, gentle horses that need to be rescued.  God bless them - Rebecca S.

- In Honor of Colleen Clark Jacobson - Leah S.

- Merry Christmas to Will and Kathy from Jerry & Linda

- Suzanne M. & Dee D. - by Susan

In Memory...

- In Memory of Darcy DiMatteo from her best friend, Ruth
- In Memory of Joel Forrney - from his loving wife, Ruth.
- In Memory Al Mellecker
- In memory of my OTTB Prince 1988-2016 - the finest horse to ever look through a bridle
- In Memory of Jerry W. - From his family and friends
- In Memory of Bonnie R. - From Amboy Methodist Church Sunday School Students
- RIP Harvey & Max, Till we see you again - Rebecca S.
- In Memory of Doug Seward, Loving Father of Jennifer Beckman
- In memory of our loved ones, may they rest in blissful peace with God: Cousing Judy; Friend George; Mr. Sweet, our cat; Maggie, our cat; Pea Pod, our friend Debbie's cat.
Sadly missed by Ruth and Joel Forney and cats!
- In memory of Terrence Jacobson - Deb, Leah, Paul S.
- In memory of our dear Colleen - Deb, Barb, Ruth S.
- This Donation is made by our Family, in memory of Colleen Clark Jacobsen and all the animals she so lovingly cared for -The sparkle of our Family ~ Gone Too Soon :( - Debra S.
- In loving memory of my baby May May Cat, May she rest in heavenly peace. We miss and love you very much - Ruth and Joel F.
- In loving memory of my friend Patrick Joseph Murphy. I worked with him and he was from Ireland I loved his accent and the many stories he told. He loved all horses being that he grew up on a farm. May his soul be at peace after a long illness. God Bless and I shall miss you.
Ruth and Joel Forney and cats New Cumberland Pa.
- In loving memory of Bo Bo the stray cat I fed since he was a baby. Sweet and shy but always love to be fed. My heart is broken as he was killed by a car. May his soul rest in peace. I shall miss you
Love Mom Ruth and Dad Joel Forney and Cousins!
New Cumberland Pa.
- In memory of a dear friend Robert Lotz Sr and my cousin Bruner Rollin Dicus - May God bless their souls - Ruth & Joel F. 
- In memory of Gertrude Rudolph - Patrick E.
- Loki, Ike, Ole, Toby, & Little Girl - Mary W.
- In memory and honor of all my beloved horses have filled my life - Julie #.
- In loving memory of my cousin, Christina M. Arnold.  She was a caring and kind person whom loved dogs, cats, horeses,and all of God's createures.  God Bless her Soul.   We will miss her.
All our love, Cousin Joel & Ruth Forney, and 6 cats.
- In the name of Edyee Lee - by Audrey K Lee
- In loving memory of Joel's two Uncles Clarence Beltz and Lester Beltz of 
Pennsylvania.  They loved all animals and will be sadly missed by all. 
God Bless their sweet souls and may they be where there is no more pain 
only peace and heavenly bliss. Miss and love you Joel and Ruth Forney and 6 cats New Cumberland,  Penn.
- In memory of my cousin Ada S. Harrington of Maryland.  A loving wife and mother and cousin, lover of all animals.  May God bless her sweet soul.  I will miss you. Cousin Ruth and Joel Forney and cats!
- A donation has been made to your organization in memory of my dear little canine friend Spencer, who left his loving home on earth and his devoted family April 13, 2009 at the age of 13 years.  Unlike so many creatures here on earth who are not cared for or loved, and are abandoned, Spencer had the best home a dog could want which was on a farm with room to play, always a full tummy, and a warm place to sleep with his loving family. 

I hope that you will continue to provide a loving, secure, and happy "forever home" for the horses and dogs who are not nearly  as fortunate as my little friend spencer was in the this world.  Sincerely, BA
- In Memory of Margi Westphal Fritz from Ms Suzanne Lanz.
- In Memory of Karen Kassulke from Ms Suzanne Lanz.
- In memory of Snickerdoodle who lost his life to cancer.  You gave Carol Ann many wonderful hours of love and friendship.  Rest well sweet boy!


To all my Loved and Lost special ones: The things you taught us will never be forgotten just each of you will never be forgotten.  The song "One More Day With You" describes exactly how we feel - wishing we had "one more day".   -- Love you always - Jody