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(horses directly addressed in Chapter 346)

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We have discontinued links to graphic websites concerning horse issues in order to keep this site suitable for all ages. Please use your own judgement when researching graphic horse issues. Some websites may be upsetting.

We at Misfit Acres, Inc., believe that horses should be treated as companion animals and get the same protection as cats and dogs. We are actively involved in contesting these practices discussed here.
Horse Tripping/Abuse
Considered a sport where the horse is chased down and roped by the legs causing them to fall resulting in serious injuries and often times painful death to the horse.
Live Slaughter for Human Consumption
We believe that our American horses are not livestock to be slaughtered for food. We in no way attempting to remove all meat products from our food supplies, as pro-slaughter people would try to make this country believe. Nor are we trying to tell other cultures what they may or may not eat.
Horse Theft
Thousands of horses are stolen every year in this country with unfortunate results in some cases. Many of these stolen horses end up going to slaughter.
PMU Production
Foals of pregnant mares are merely a byproduct of this industry and many wind up at the slaughterhouse. The mares are kept confined in small stalls for many months with urine collection bags attached rendering them unable to turn around or lay down. Recent findings indicate that HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) using Premarin and Prempro has serious health risks to women.
This practice consists of anything from screws, nails, chains, and metal plates used on horses to encourage the “high stepping” gait. The horse begins to step as a result of pain.